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Glynns Fruit and Vegetables

Glynns Fruit and Vegetables has been at the forefront of the fruit and vegetable industry in the West of Ireland for 80+ years. Click here to see an article from the Connaught Tribune on 31st August 1935 about George Glynn Sr who was responsible for starting the Glynn’s business. Our business has grown on the strength of the quality of our products. Our produce has gained us regional acclaim and we are especially renowned for the quality of our peeled potatoes.

Glynns strives relentlessly to provide the highest quality products to customers at competitive prices. Over the course of 80+ years, Glynns has proven that this family business is able to continually adapt in an ever changing and competitive marketplace.

Glynns has built strong relationships with professional fresh produce suppliers at home and around the world. We work with our suppliers to constantly develop their fresh produce to the highest level of best value, best quality, best appearance, best taste and best flavour. We actively try to support local growers for produce in season and, for some of the more exotic produce, we rely on our long established international suppliers.

Throughout 80+ years, Glynns has established strong partnerships with leading fruit producers and distributors worldwide. For example, in the case of apples and pears, European countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal would be the main suppliers from July to February. From February to June, the Company can source directly from southern hemisphere countries such as Chile and New Zealand. All culinary apples, and some dessert apples varieties are sourced in Ireland. Each consignment is checked prior to dispatch and is transported under state of the art chilled temperature conditions.

In recent years, the Company has built a solid reputation for supplying quality fresh berries. These products arrive fresh on a daily basis and are maintained in mint condition because of the Company’s chilled supply chain climate right through to the customer. A taste of summer all year round.

The quality and freshness of Glynn’s produce is a manifestation of the time invested by the Company in seeking out and creating strong links with top-quality producers, and working together as partners to deliver the highest quality. We also recognise that many of our customers want to buy food grown or produced locally, which reflects local tastes and traditions. Whilst we carry the complete range of fruit, vegetables and prepared vegetables, we are unique in our ablilty to provide specific recipes for individual hotels and restaurants.

Food hygiene and Health and Safety are of primary importance to Glynns and we carry out all operations strictly adhering to HACCP guidelines. Our capacity to add value for our customers is dependant on our ability to provide a quality range of fresh foods as required, delivered on a reliable, daily basis, together with a dependable while practicable emergency back-up service.

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Glynn’s Peeled, Diced, Sliced and Chunky Potato. Potato Fondants also available

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Glynn’s Rustic, Chunky and Steak Chips

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Rustic Mediterranean Vegetable Mix

Ingredients: Chunky aubergine, courgettes, red, yellow and green peppers, red and white onion.
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Chunky Vegetable Mix

Ingridients: Handcut carrot, turnip and parsnip.
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Glynns Super Root Chunky Veg Mix

Ingredients: Handcut carrot, turnip, parsnip and butternut squash.
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Stirfry Mix

Ingridients: Courgettes, white onion, julienne of carrot, red, yellow and green peppers.
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Chowder Mix

Ingredients: Diced carrot, onion, leek, celery and parsnip
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Glynn’s Tossed Salad Mix

Ingridients: Red ,green and yellow peppers, red and white onion, radish, cucumbers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to get in-touch with us if you have any other questions, that have not been yet listed.

Where are the prepared vegetable products produced?
All prepared vegetables are produced in Lydican. The produce is prepared, cut, bagged and labeled on the morning of delivery to the customer meaning the customer receives the freshest produce possible.
What time does my order need to be in by for delivery and how do I submit it?
Orders received before 4 am will be delivered by our HACCP approved and a refrigerated fleet of trucks/vans that morning. Delivery is guaranteed by 2 pm but we will liaise with the customer to ensure delivery at a time that is most convenient to them. Orders can be rang, text or emailed into the office – whichever suits you best!
Where is your produce sourced?
Produce is sourced locally wherever possible. We use potatoes from growers all over Ireland. Our mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, turnip, parsnip, broccoli, cauliflower, celeriac, and leeks are also bought from Irish producers when available. Our range of exotic fruits and vegetables are imported directly from the UK and Holland 5 days per week.
Where do you supply?
We service all of Galway City and County, Connemara and County Clare.
How do I set up an account?
Contact Conor (087-9863848), Ken (086-8600062) or email [email protected] to open an account. We can call to your premises to provide the necessary documentation and also to set up delivery times and procedures if you are happy to add Glynn’s Fruit and Veg to your list of suppliers. A visit to our premises can also be arranged if desired.

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